How to distinguish north face true and false

THE North Face North-facing high-end outdoor products, such as the North Face Jackets in the United States generally between 250-500 US dollars. A dress so expensive, the US middle class is also hesitant to buy, but it is worth ah! The North Face said that the service life of the Jackets was roughly five or six years, that is, in the day to wear, and a week to climb the mountain in the case of the conclusion of the measured Oh. And the Americans are based on their computer performance data in the lowest prevail, so the quality of authentic can be said that no doubt ~ ~ Here to share the North Face how to distinguish between true and false.
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Outdoor clothing on the quality requirements are harsh, we can from the pressure, pin uniformity and other details of the careful comparison. 2.
Outdoor clothing only real goods and fake points. Raw material control is fake north face more stringent. And every 8 products in a random selection of a rigorous testing, for substandard products, all destroyed, the so-called single; Weihuo; rejection of goods; foreign trade goods are not there.
Genuine outdoor accessories requirements are very strict, such as zippers, Velcro, pressure plastic strips, materials and so have a very strict standards, and even the clothes are replica north face very expensive and easy to buy machines, ordinary machines simply do not come out.
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The North Face all the ski suits have a high quality wipes in the coat pocket. 5.
Real goods of the outer material is relatively soft, soft with just the feeling, fake is very stiff, like hard canvas