How to distinguish north face true and false

THE North Face North-facing high-end outdoor products, such as the North Face Jackets in the United States generally between 250-500 US dollars. A dress so expensive, the US middle class is also hesitant to buy, but it is worth ah! The North Face said that the service life of the Jackets was roughly five or six years, that is, in the day to wear, and a week to climb the mountain in the case of the conclusion of the measured Oh. And the Americans are based on their computer performance data in the lowest prevail, so the quality of authentic can be said that no doubt ~ ~ Here to share the North Face how to distinguish between true and false.
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Outdoor clothing on the quality requirements are harsh, we can from the pressure, pin uniformity and other details of the careful comparison. 2.
Outdoor clothing only real goods and fake points. Raw material control is fake north face more stringent. And every 8 products in a random selection of a rigorous testing, for substandard products, all destroyed, the so-called single; Weihuo; rejection of goods; foreign trade goods are not there.
Genuine outdoor accessories requirements are very strict, such as zippers, Velcro, pressure plastic strips, materials and so have a very strict standards, and even the clothes are replica north face very expensive and easy to buy machines, ordinary machines simply do not come out.
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The North Face all the ski suits have a high quality wipes in the coat pocket. 5.
Real goods of the outer material is relatively soft, soft with just the feeling, fake is very stiff, like hard canvas


THE NORTH FACE, 1966, two fanatical hikers in San Francisco, the United States set up a small mountaineering supplies retail stores, and soon developed and grew up to become a professional professional mountaineering and hiking equipment. The name of the name of the North Face (TNF) is that in the northern hemisphere, the northern slope of the mountain is the coldest, the deepest snow and ice, the hardest to climb the side, alluding to the real mountaineering enthusiasts, Meet the difficulties.
In 1968, The North Face began to design, produce and sell its own brand of outdoor equipment, developed to the late 80s, TNF became the fake north face only one in the United States covering the production of coats, ski suits, backpacks, tents and a series of outdoor products manufacturers.
90 years is the era of TNF shine. In 1996, they launched the Tekware series to create a new era of outdoor clothing, its revolutionary materials and design, making TNF as the United States 5A class outdoor adventure supplies company. Tekware series of clothing, for all types of outdoor adventure enthusiasts to provide an unprecedented comfort and security protection.
Subsequently, TNF selected La Sportiva S.r.L – the world’s best fake north face jacket mountaineering shoe manufacturer – for its partners, and in 1999 involved in the design and production of hiking hiking shoes.
After 36 years of development, TNF has become a global brand of outdoor products brand, she has been with the natural environment harsh outdoor adventure activities closely together, through continuous technological innovation, design and production of comfort and safety performance The higher the outdoor equipment to meet the needs of various levels.
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A person as long as you know where to go, the world will give him way.
In 1966, the wave of hippies in San Francisco was completely overwhelmed.
From the scenic San Francisco city to the north, through the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, is located in the narrow peninsula Ma Lianjun, one toward the Pacific, one facing the Golden Gate Bay, the beauty of the scenery, unspeakable. Ma Lianjun all over the small hills, there are many tall mahogany, these mahogany forest protection is very good, with the original style. In the face of Kinmen Bay this side has a very famous small fishing port, called the sand salad. Neat streets and beautiful shops are impressive, Ma Lianjun residents income is one of the highest in the United States, so they have the money to engage in outdoor sports, hiking and cycling is one of the most important activities.
Carrying backpack travel is the era of young people’s way of life. If you see a backpack with a Swiss Army knife, carrying a brand like Kelty, JanSport or Wilderness Experience, wearing a jacket for Holubar or Sierra Designs, pedal Todd s or White s, Town, coast, station, youth hostel infested, in all likelihood he is a backpacking (backpacking).
They go with the flow, where there are walls and trees where to rely on, where the floor to sit, jeans, hips that piece is always polished white. They are eating food, hamburgers, hot dogs, long slices, Japanese rice balls, Indian curries are big mouth to eat, it touches on their favorite music, such as John Coltrane, Jacques Brel, Mikis Theodorakis, Rolling Stones or The replica north face jacket Grateful Dead and so everyone can not be opened, and in the train station farewell, often their favorite recording tape presented to each other. This feeling is beautiful.
20-year-old Doug and 22-year-old Thompkins live in Malian County, they are such a backpackers, and is a very good friend. They are not only often walking together, camping, Doug prefer mountaineering, but also like to make some mountaineering equipment. Thompkins did not know when he was obsessed with rock climbing. Now they are going to take a van to climb Mount Whitney in Nevada.
From San Francisco to the east about five or six hours by car, through the excellent poetry of the United States to the National Park, take the No. 580 road turn 205, turn to California Highway 120 eastbound. Although the distance is shorter, but need to turn over 3031 meters above sea level Diougo pond, winter snow cover, the road rugged adventure.
It is the best to enjoy a walk on the hillside of the excellent beauty park. The feeling of being in the mountains is not found in the city. And the grass monsters, enjoy the nature of thousands of years in the engraved out of the beauty, at the foot of the growth of moss on the stone, which is the most primitive plants, gradually into the mud layer, so that he grows more complex grass tree. Trails on both sides, it is mountain and some cold-tolerant plants such as cut grass Luo and the like, always struggling for survival, the natural waste to re-cycle, making this very high local things to make their best use.
When the sun is getting off the mountain, a cold cold wrap is wrapped into the carriage. Doug tightly wrapped in a broken coat, staring at his shoes. They are made of rough fur, made of lace at the ankle. They watched him through the pastures of Northern California, cut down the wood in Oregon, and drag tuna in the lake of St. Petro, who fake canada goose followed him to countless trucks from New York to California, and accompanied him to the cruise ship in the Panama Strait on. Now the paper as thin soles have been cracked, the fur has been worn by the broken, like his backpack the same.
Thompkins is also reminiscent of the day in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.
“I am familiar with the river, the ancient, the nether’s rivers, and my soul becomes as deep as the river.” He still remembered for the first time that JOSEPH’s “coordinate system • danny”, “seaside wild chrysanthemum”, “our Story “was touched by the move. It is his long life of the precipitation, so firm, solid, clear, clear, the kind of transparent perception, deep experience, confusion in the calm, the pain of rising power, prompting him to wake up from the sink. Thompkins can not forget the large chrysanthemums in the fields of the Colorado mountains, because he always remembered the words JOSEPH wrote: “It is not just the memory of the suffering of life, Witnessed the vitality of life, humble tenacious and blooming happy.
Canyon deep silence, rarely heard the roar of the river and the following plateau on the triangular poplar leaves applause-like pops. Because all this voice is in this abyss of space was engulfed.
Thompkins climbs the red walls in the Grand Canyon, with a height of 550 feet, almost as high as the Washington Monument. It is gray-blue limestone, but the iron from the rock seepage of the cliff surface was infected with the sunset-like color. At the top of the “red wall” is the red sandstone and the 1000-foot-thick shale alternates, then the pale blue sandstone, the top is the pale yellow limestone.
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A bumpy so that the two recovered from meditation. Outside the car is a very striking appearance of the giant wilderness in the high cliffs watching these uninvited guests, it is the owner of Rocky Mountain. Its eyesight is about equal to eight times the magnification of the telescope, feet are suitable for rugged in the rugged area, hoof edge hard, can be vigorous and hard work, hoof heart has a wonderful soft as gum and suction cup muscles, able to catch the steep Of the hillside and have a toe and false hoof, you can control the speed down the mountain. Doug said to Thompkins: “This guy should be the best climber in the world.” The journey was lonely, and their dusty faces were as empty as their pockets. Their hands because of hard climbing for many years covered with hard cocoon. They stared at the open door silently, as if they were painful thinkers. Sierra Nevada is very majestic. It is the east of the Morgan Peak (4190 meters), one side of the white granite wall, west of the opposite wall is 3912 meters of the peak. The south side of a steep minaret is Xiong Jianfeng (4179 meters), it is covered with a lot of snow and glaciers. Southwest is a heavy mountain peaks, there are several more than four kilometers of granite peaks and glaciers.
Here is the main vein of the Sierra Nevada, which separates the Pacific Valley and the Irwin River inland. Of which the highest is 4180 meters of the Albert peak and 4150 meters around the Dai Dufeng. Confucius Peak is located in the central mountain range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite National Park northeast margin, 3837 meters above sea level. This is the highest peak of the Nevada Mountains located north of the Diogo Pass.
These peaks they have been climbing, but this time they chose from the north wall climbing 4418 meters above sea level on the edge of Whitney peak of an unknown peak. The nameless peaks of the northern wall lines are more challenging and more difficult, and they always prefer more creative ways of climbing.
Camp is an altitude of 3248 meters next to the pond, it is flat around the ground, suitable camping. They continued to climb up a very steep rock slope, above and washed down a few strands of slender streams, water side with a small piece of meadow. Although only tens of thousands of square meters of green, but full of colorful wild flowers. The right side of the meadow has a steep stone wall, the left is a very steep loose gravel composition of the moraine slope. And then all of the above is a large piece of loose loose moraine heap, and sometimes every step should be subsided foot a foot.
On the glacier, Doug found the right side of the cliff has a 10-meter-high vertical seam, he estimated that the width of the gap is about four degrees, eager. They climbed to the top of the mouth, from here on the left side of the slide where the slope is sometimes close to seventy degrees, but it is excellent stone, there is no easy to fall loose stones, almost all solid granite. There are enough cracks in the slide for the use of both hands, for the foot of the prominent stone is often very narrow, the two carefully, from time to time to replica canada goose see about 500 meters under the broad glacier, magnificent and impressive Frightened. Thompkins broke a loose piece of stone, and the rock fell quickly down the glacier along the slide, half-time to only two or three times.
The slides are steeper to the uphill and they can not go up and the rope is running out. Has spent seven and a half hours. Only the withdrawal, the two bitterly left.
“Do you think that our equipment and equipment are not enough?” Doug said to his friend. “Yes, you can not make some mountaineering equipment, we simply open a shop!” Thompkins obviously think this idea is not bad.
Two young men returned to San Francisco, immediately rented a small facade in the city center, behind the store is the workshop, Thompkins is responsible for sales, and Doug is dedicated to using his machine processing products. The store was naturally named THE NORTH FACE, and of course they did not forget to go mountain climbing. In 1968, Doug and Thompkins officially registered THE NORTH FACE as a trademark, the first product is SIERRA PARKA jacket SIERRA PARKA jacket has become the classic product of THE NORTH FACE.